About Typhoon Technology & Consulting Pvt Ltd

Triumphing business growth in today's realm entails having perfect people in the right place at the right time and in the right capacity

TECHNICHE was formed in 2009. Over time our beliefs and methodologies evolved, grew stronger and required us to get to the next level through a transformation surge. The first step is this direction is for TECHNICHE to become "TYPHOON TECHNOLOGY & CONSULTING", starting 2013.

It is the supreme credence that an organization stands out in the clutter due to its professional talent acquisition. This is where Typhoon comes in! We have a deep insight of industry knowledge and tools to understand "the colossal challenges you face". Through this knowledge and the "Right Connections" weensure that we offer you with highly desired access to technically skilled professionals.

Typhoon uses a world of innovative techniques to help your businessconnect with the right set of professional talent.

  • We transform challenges to opportunities
  • We accelerate Company Growth and Individual Careers
  • We give your business the best leverage in today's competitive world
  • We deliver solutions that enhance your brand
  • We help you Achieve Targeted business growth through the right Talent


Pratap Reddy: Partner and Director

Pratap Reddy, the Partner and Director of Typhoon, brings a world of experience and skillset to Typhoon. An entrepreneur for last 25 years in the film and media industry with an undergraduate degree in Engineering from Davanagere and unmatchedsuccess in all his endeavors, Pratap brings in the much required stability and excellence at Typhoon.

He hails from Nandyala in Andhra Pradesh and was born in a pioneering family that has strong political and business connections. As a trailblazer, he developed and deployed a multitude of professional workforce solutions that have helped his clients witness unimagined success in this changing world.

Sudheer Reddy: Director – HR Consulting

Sudheer Reddy, an MBA graduate from Osmania University, Hyderabad brings with him an expertise of 11 years in contracting, negotiating and talent acquisition & management.

He is the en route to bring Typhoon to the forefront of the industry. His knowledge and experience adds substantial value and increases the productivity levels of the employment lifecycle for Typhoon's clientele.